Election of Churchwardens: 23rd April 2023

Subject to the provisions of the Churchwardens Measure 2001 the churchwardens of the parish shall be elected by a meeting of the parishioners. This will be on the 23rd April at the Annual Parish Meeting.

As minister of the parish, I have had three nominations for the two churchwarden’s posts to be filled. All have signified consent to serve as such and fulfil the qualifications. They are, in order of being received by the minister:

David McKenzie

Jon Greenwood

Lynda Padgett

It may be that more nominations will be received before the commencement of the meeting and a further notice will be given if this become the case. In the meantime, with the agreement of all the candidates, this information may now be disseminated as addressees think fit, as widely as is wished. This notice will be placed on the website at www.ridingmill.church  

I pray that the Holy Spirit will suffuse the democratic process to produce a result that builds up God’s church in Riding Mill.

With my best wishes to all the candidates,


Ultreïa e suseia

The Rev’d Diana Johnson

Priest in Charge

St James’s, Riding Mill, Northumberland